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At Miller United Real Estate, LLC, acquisitions are a daily part of our business. We have acquired many properties in multiple markets by providing sellers with market pricing, certainty of closing and the expertise and flexibility to resolve issues quickly and fairly. 


We offer a quick and efficient due diligence and closing process backed by proven access to debt and equity capital without committee or third-party approvals. With our established relationships with lenders such as 1st Bank, Wells Fargo, Independent Bank, Goldman Sachs, among others, we regularly secure the most attractive financing terms available in the market.  



Although Miller United Real Estate, LLC reviews dozens of potential acquisitions, we submit bids on only a select few properties that we are truly interested in owning and operating. We back up every proposal with an intense, in-depth underwriting process before submitting our bid to eliminate the risk of price changes during due diligence and closing. The result is an outstanding record of closing on time and as agreed.

For more information on Miller United Real Estate’s acquisition program or to discuss a potential transaction in detail, please contact David Goldberg.

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