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MU develops new projects by identifying opportunities; designing, planning and entitling with local jurisdictions, financing, constructing and strategically positioning with appropriate users. MU  targets development opportunities in many different real estate disciplines, including:


  • Grocery anchored and power center retail development,

  • Mixed-use development,

  • Infill retail development,

  • Redevelopment opportunities,

  • Mall redevelopment,

  • Retail and office build-to-suit development,

  • Office development, and

  • Residential land entitlement and development.

MU’s experience in a wide array of development disciplines has allowed it to be nimble and adjust to market conditions, both from a demand and capital markets perspective as proven by it’s 45 plus year track record. Depending on the size and scale of each development effort, MREI capitalizes its projects either through self funding or strategic  joint ventures.


As the owner of the projects we develop or acquire, MU maintains in-house property management, asset management, and accounting departments.  The involvement of our asset and property management teams allows us to address design and operational issues that affect the long-term value of our developments.

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